Mission Statement

The Mission of the CCA

The mission of the California Coaches Association is to provide a professional organization uniting all coaches in California, dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards for athletic competition and coaching conditions in California.

The purpose of the association will be focused on:

1) Raising the quality and competence of high school athletic coaching and administration through leadership development, educational programs, training sessions and informative publications.

2) Providing support and recognition of coaches for their "lifetime" coaching achievements, commitment and leadership.

3) Promoting professional standards, practices and ethics.

4) Encouraging goodwill and fellowship among athletic directors, coaches and administrators.

5) Recognize the value and importance of cultural diversity throughout the membership.

The Evolution of the California Coaches Association

In 1957, the California Coaches Association (CCA) surfaced as the original and only all-sports coaches association in California. However the evolution of the California Coaches Association actually started in 1948 as the Northern California Basketball Coaches Association. At that time Coaches Bill Rockwell, Hank Jones, Ed Hopkins, Ray Snyder, and a few other basketball bennies got together during the old Tournament of Champions, which was held at the University of California Harmon Gym. Bill Rockwell was the prime mover in the endeavor. Later, Rockwell and Bob Troppmann organized the Athletic Directors and incorporated them into the new group in 1967.

Subsequently, the Southern California Basketball Coaches group and the Los Angeles Football Coaches organization joined in the late 1950s. It was then, in 1957, that the formation of the California Coaches Association actually got its start. Other groups became interested. In particular, a small contingency from the CAHPERD’s organization joined the CCA’s all-sports coaches association and came over in the early 1960s.

As California experienced a huge population explosion during the second half of the 20th century, different specialized coaches’ organizations developed, but only the California Coaches Association has remained as THE ONLY all-sports coaches’ organization in the State. Because of the CCA’s diversity, the California Coaches Association is the only coaches’ organization that has a vote and a voice with the CIF State Federated Council.

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